hey there!

jem zero is an autistic, disabled transmasc. ze lives with zir wife, mum, and sibling, in a house flooded with an assortment of legged and legless animals.

aside from writing, jem has an associate‚Äôs degree in art foundation, is (almost) an accounting technician, and has professional experience with acting and photography. 

in both art and writing, jem’s work centers experiences often considered unacceptable and unmarketable, including themes about LGBTQ+ culture and experiences; physical and neurological disability; class intersections; and sex worker’s rights. ze incorporates these narratives with science fiction/fantasy, using fantastical elements to create metaphors for real-world struggles.

jem has a passion for erotic content, and considers access to sexual aids an important component to a sexually healthy society. much of zir work has explicit or mature elements.

jem’s scifi erotic flashfic, A STUDY IN CIRCUITS AND CHARCOAL, won for Best Feminist Sex in the Good Sex Awards. the piece was originally published in Erato, an anthology by The New Smut Project.

if you like detailed social critique, gay lightning, and gender liberation, then you’re in the right place, friend. hope you stick around.

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